WISDOM EP (2004)

- Multimedia part with introduction
- Strain Of Madness video

Released: June 2004
Engineered and mixed by Gabor Kovacs
Recorded at Blacksmith studio, Citysound studio, Zafir studio
Mastered by Zoltan Regenye at HSB studio
Cover artwork by Gyula Havancsak
All photos by Wisdom photo studio
Multimedia: Gabor Kovacs
Videoclip: Andras Horvath
Videoclip animations: Andras Toth

      Dark and dreary times were permeating the lands of the empire, where not so long ago the rule of justice and freedom seemed unbeatable. Evil forces grabbed the power, whose sneaking goal was to bewitch innocent people in order to control them as they please. At first only the groveling, and hypocritical creatures became the subjects to the usurpers, but their persistent treachery burnt with such a mighty flame that almost all mortal beings became submitted by and by.
      The books that were declared the means of satanic power and everything carrying the spirit of ancient heroic times was put on bonfire. Those who could have opened the eyes of the bewitched and tortured people by preaching the wise sayings were struck with horrible capital punishment.
      An old wise man was doomed to his fate, who was in for the fulfillment of his destiny at the place of execution in chains. On his mouth, so that he cannot let out a true word in his last hours, a wrought iron lockjaw was put, which was fastened with enormous curse. No one knew his name, nobody knew his origin, he was simply called WISEMAN.
      Whether miraculously or maybe as the incarnation of divine will, he managed to escape from his incarceration and rescue the book of knowledge entitled: WORDS OF WISDOM.

Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Men at some time are masters of their fates"

We live in an empty world
People're crying in their soul
Everything just seems as we made them for ourselves

Now our time is up
Fate is knocking on the door
He comes to go with us behind the black curtain

You'd better close the window
You'd better close the door
No-one hears your screaming out of fear

I am the final
I'm the mortal destiny
I am the cruel who takes away your souls

Few words we need to say
We had the chance to change our life
The task is not an easy one to find a better way



King Of Death
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Lust of power is the most flagrant of all the passions"

I am the ruler the king of the world
You all were born to be my slaves
New for the future you all have to serve
I'll bring to heels who fight against

I am the Lord and you're my servant
I'm the King of Death
Obey the law you unbeliever
Or go to hell

Die for me obey by all means
Go through lands and thousand seas
Help to make my private ends
Fight for holy virgin lands

I see the fallen their blood on the ground
Out of these souls I get my faith
I'm just a demon a voice from the dark
No-one will never see my face



Strain Of Madness
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"All people want is someone to listen"

Come in here
Listen to my words
So much things I need to tell right here
Come in now
I am all at sea
Help me get the better of my fear

In the nights
I wake up from my sleep
Suffocation waking in a sweat
Voices in my dreams
Strain of madness overmasters me

Give your hands to me stay tonight
Bring me through my dear
Stay or else I will lose my mind
And die before my time

More and more
Overrules my mind
In the end the evil comes to life
Strange to say
The world becomes so plain
Oh I know I have to meet my fate


Evil Disguise
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"

There's a man who's smiling although
Kills no matter when
There's a guy who hates us still he
Is a leading man
There's a voice of agony the
Crying of the fools
Hear the bells of sanity when
You break the rules

I'd like to fly away
Leave the world behind now
I'd like to find a way
Where I'm left to fly

Fly high with me
Fly with the wind
Fly with the wind of failure
Useless the life where
Evil disguise
Covers the faces around

There's a man who's kindly although
Betrays his best friends
There's a guy who's doing time for
Giving rise to death
There's the want of charity they
Look down on the poor
Feel the comin' tragedy when
You break the rules