- Wisdom videoclip

Released on 23 December 2007
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Gabor Kovacs
Recorded at Blacksmith studio, Citysound studio
Cover artwork by Peter Sallai
Videoclip directed by Tamas Csaszar

      Those who were seeking truth and knowledge gathered in great numbers. Wise thoughts captured their minds and the hope for a better age strengthened in them increasingly. They knew of the long and tiring way that lay still ahead, they took it on with all its difficulties and dangers nevertheless.
      But true faith and persistence wasn't unbreakable in everybody. Exploiting the vulnerability of one of them, evil nestled itself in here also. The Devil's words promised an easier and more glorious way, at the end of which incomprehensible power shone. He was standing "At The Gates" of Heaven and Hell and his weakness overcame him. As the pact was sealed he had no turning back anymore.

Prelude To The Gates
Music: G. Kovacs


At The Gates
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"All hope abandon, ye who enter here!"

Since I was born I have never before
Seen Daemon's eyes
One day I thought I can seek the forest
Search deep inside

Time has gone by as I wandered too far
Darkness and cold
Led me to run but I realized there's
Nowhere to go

If only I could find a way
The way to peace of mind
If only I was born again to turn back time

I wanna lie on a cloud in the sky
Lie with a blindfold over my eyes
Fadin' away till the old Man of Fate
Opens the Heaven's Gate

How I got home, I can only recall
Those eyes and smell
Some people say I have sold my soul and
Will go to Hell

I believe in Heaven, my soul will never die
I believe in afterlife

Strange little deal with the Evil of all
I hoped that my spirit will never fall
I've nothing more but this story to tell
Here at the gates of Hell

All Alone
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone"

I'm full of so many thoughts
Poisoned emotions of those
Glorious days and the pain
Leads me to go insane

I raise my eyes to the sky
Slowly as time is passing by
Try to look deep in my soul
To understand it all

Time will change, change us all
Through this human age

We can all lie all alone, hide
Maybe we need some days
We can all lie all alone, hide
Time is gonna heal our pains

I wipe the tears from my eyes
I'll find the strength to arise
Please really don't get me wrong
Leave me to be alone