JUDAS (2011)

Released on 01 April 2011
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Gabor Kovacs
Recorded at Blacksmith studio
Voice of Judas: Mats Levén
Cover artwork by Gyula Havancsak
Band photo by Levente Kovacs

      Long months passed while his darkened soul completely filled with hatred towards WISEMAN and his teachings. "Judas" was seeking the perfect time to execute his gruesome deed, betraying everything he had believed in and everyone to whom he had belonged. His bewildered mind urged him to perish the wise leader. Should his wicked plan finally succeed, the last resistance to all consuming evil would fall forever, and infernal chaos would spread through the land for there would be no power to restrain it.

Fallin' Away From Grace
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains."

We are slaves in the hands of fate
From the cradle to the grave
Sense of freedom is made of false
Illusions of hope

Now the time has come little child
Come along with me for a while
Climb the mountain high to the ruins
Up there I will tell you the truth

We are alone
Nobody cares for us oh anymore
We are the hopeless souls
Where do we go?

All around you see the decay
Everything is fading away
War, disaster, fatal disease
Rape the lands and poison the seas

Something I never understand
Who decides on life and death
Day by day when a newborn dies
Nobody hears our cries

You, my boy, do you hear my word
Welcome to the real world
We are dust in the endless space
Fallin' away from grace

We are slaves

Sometimes Fate is the name of those
Who are chosen to destroy
They can kill in a thousand ways
In their power games

Fallin' away
Fallin' away
We are alone
Fallin' away from grace

Somewhere Alone
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Look around you, remember that you are mortal."

Long before I came into this world
All have heard the fortune-teller's word
Of a lone man in the prophecy
He was me, the Man of Destiny

When I look around it's a no man's land
Blood is everywhere, I stand

Somewhere alone far from my home
God from the high heavens saved my soul
Somewhere alone down to the bone
Hardly alive anymore

Bodies lying all over the ground
Mothers crying, death is all around
I am just a puppet on a string
Fighting for the power of a king

I don't wanna fight to the end of time
Obey like a fool and die

Maybe I was born to kill
Cause misery and death
Maybe I was made to be
Part of a master plan

Age Of Lies
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

A thousand heavy years ago
When the cross led the crown
Thousands had to fear the law
And the spies all around

Holy wars, glory calls
In the name of the Lord
No remorse, no recourse
In the eye of the law

Age of lies, will the sun ever rise?
Show the way into the light
Age of lies, will you open your eyes?
Inquisition's still alive

Nowadays in the world of fools
Everything is the same
Right way is against the rules
Human greed is to blame

Age of lies, will the sun ever rise?
Show the way into the light
Age of lies, will you open your eyes?
Inquisition's still alive

Rays of sunrise
New age, new life
Rays of sunrise
Here we are

Live Forevermore
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"The soil of their native land is dear to all the hearts of mankind."

There is some kind of mystery
In this land we live
A thousand years in our history
Taught us to believe

We never know
What the future has in store
'Till the end of time
We are all

Ready to die, never give up the fight
Leading our nation into the light
Ready to fall in this battle we call
Live forevermore

In spite of many dangers and
Destructions of war
In this land, wherever we stand
Everything is gold

We never know
What is in the crystal ball
While we are alive
We are all

Wander The World
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe."

Walking the lonely road
On the way I've never known
Close to a dark forest
Cool wind takes me down to rest

Under the open sky
Facing the stars

Careless and easy life
I don't want to leave behind
And as I fall asleep
Pray the Lord my soul to keep

Rays of the morning sun
Chasing the dark
Wake me and warm me up
In my heart

Wander the world, come and go
Sometimes it feels like so long ago
Wander the world, come and go
Leaving my way to the Lord

Walking the lonely road
Places I have never known
Slowly across the fields
Through the valleys and the hills

Maybe a day when I
Get to the end
I'll have to take my life
In my hand

Wander the world

Heaven And Hell
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Who has a harder fight than he who is striving to overcome himself."

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
I hate to live my powerless life
Sometimes I fear every toll of the bell
I am between Heaven and Hell

Some other times I am so high
Just like an eagle high in the sky
Joy in my soul and I have more
Pleasure than I had ever before

And when the angel is not on my side
I wish my anger out of my mind
Another day is another in Hell
This is my fate trouble and care

I wanna live, throw it away
I wanna be somebody again
Let my life go, I need to know
Nothing is easy, nothing at all

Time has come to rule my life
Find some peace of mind

Heaven and Hell, trouble and care
Dark and dreamless nights
Trouble and care, Heaven and Hell
Time to say goodbye

Heaven and Hell

Silent Hill
Music: M. Molnar, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil."

You are alone holding a candle
This night is long, lasts forever
And if you are screaming for someone
Nobody's there, you're the last one

Here inside

Welcome to the nightmare of Silent Hill
Life is more than fantasy
Better look around when the night is near
Something evil's here

Lost in the night, the powers of darkness
Eat you alive don't be mindless
You never know what is behind you
Run for your life, no more time to

Waste and cry

Time is still down in Silent Hill
Silence kills, something evil's here

Welcome to the nightmare of Silent Hill
Life is more than fantasy
Never be alone when the night is near
Something evil is here

At The Gates
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"All hope abandon, ye who enter here!"

Since I was born I have never before
Seen Demon's eyes
One day I thought I can seek the forest
Search deep inside

Time has gone by as I wandered too far
Darkness and cold
Led me to run but I realized there's
Nowhere to go

If only I could find a way the
Way to peace of mind
If only I was born again to
Turn back time

I wanna lie on a cloud in the sky
Lie with a blindfold over my eyes
Fadin' away till the old Man of Fate
Opens the Heaven's Gate

How I got home, I can only recall
Those eyes and smell
Some people say I have sold my soul and
Will go to Hell

I believe in Heaven, my soul will never die
I believe in afterlife

Strange little deal with the Evil of all
I hoped that my spirit will never fall
I've nothing more but this story to tell
Here at the gates of Hell

The Prodigal Son
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday."

Hard to find my way
And the days go by
Many years were wasted
I can't turn back the time

Voices in my head
Make me feel so low
Lately I've been thinking
More about my home

No more aimless wandering
No more lazing around

Everything I had
I have thrown away
Oh my God, have mercy
Can't you feel my pain?

Now I understand
All the things you told
Father, please forgive me
I am coming home

No more aimless wondering
Let me lay in your arms

Take me back into your heart
Open your heart

Open your heart

Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"Sin goes in a disguise, and thence is welcome; like Judas, it kisses and kills; like Joab, it salutes and slays"

Night is falling, the sun goes down
Fireflies awake
In the darkness of the forest
We are together again

Far away in a secret place
For the chosen ones
Where the wise man shows the right and
True way of living for us

Judas, a liar, a king for a day
He's gonna give us away
Judas, a liar, a rose with a thorn
He's not the same anymore

There is a time when you need to decide
Have to be strong and need to be wise
A deal with the devil will lead you to Hell
Fire of fear awaits you there

Fire lights up the faces now
By the torches' flame
Ghostly cries are heard, his eyes are
Burning with demonic rage

He's a man with a darkened soul
Hunting for his prey
In the night-time at the right time
He's gonna take one away

Demons and shades of the night
Thy wish is my command
Evil in me never dies
I have no choice

I can't find the way
Out of the storm
I can't break the chains
In my heart of stone

No more words to say
Damage is done
We were all the same
But those days are gone

Judas, a liar, a king for a day
I'm just a man not a saint
Judas, a liar, a rose with a thorn
Why don't you leave me alone?


All Alone
Music: G. Kovacs, Lyrics: M. Molnar
"All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone"

I'm full of so many thoughts
Poisoned emotions of those
Glorious days and the pain
Leads me to go insane

I raise my eyes to the sky
Slowly as time is passing by
Try to look deep in my soul
To understand it all

Time will change, change us all
Through this human age

We can all lie all alone, hide
Maybe we need some days
We can all lie all alone, hide
Time is gonna heal our pains

I wipe the tears from my eyes
I'll find the strength to arise
Please really don't get me wrong
Leave me to be alone